Sites ;

C u l t u r e   C o l l i s i o n --
     The approved Kingdom Hearts fanlisting, which I've been running since the game was released in 2002. Boasts over 6000 members.

F l y i n g   B e d s   a n d   P i z z a --
     The approved Fluppy Dogs fanlisting. Totally made on a whim back in 2002 when I was remembering just how awesome Fluppy Dogs was. Much smaller than CC, with over 350 members.

O a t h k e e p e r --
     My fansite for Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, opened about a month after CC. It's pretty static, which is actually kind of nice. Never updated for Kingdom Hearts 2; that might be a project someday, but it's not really a high priority.

E n p i t s u --
     My writing and art site. The title is Japanese for "pencil," which is fairly apt for a writing site.


Off-site ;

a k i s a z a m e @ L J --
     My personal LiveJournal. I don't keep a blog on my website because it's easier to just keep all my journalling to one place.

f i l i a @ F F . n e t --
     My fanfiction archive at the Pit of Voles (aka Most of it is fairly old now, and it's also archived at Enpitsu for the most part, but there are a few things here that are not on Enpitsu.


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