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27names was born on August 11th, 2002, and has been happily hosted by HostRocket for its entire lifetime. The domain's name was inspired by my favorite book, White Oleander, by Janet Fitch. The passage that the name was taken from can be read here.



The current layout features Guy Cecil from the game Tales of the Abyss. I was tired of looking at the Fruits Basket layout I made two years ago, and decided to go for something really simple. The picture is in-game art from Guy's first level Mystic Arte, Razing Phoenix; I got the picture online from the Temple of Undine gallery, which is an awesome resource for any Tales fans out there.


1998-2008+ Erika. Please don't take stuff; that's just mean. And I'd have to get very angry and sic my gashapon army on you.

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